Welcome! I am a visiting assistant professor in the philosophy department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Before coming to Alabama I was a visiting assistant professor at the University of Virginia, where I defended my dissertation in March 2017. While studying in Virginia, I also taught several classes at Virginia Military Institute. My primary research lies at the intersection of value theory, philosophy of language, and social philosophy. I also have interests in the history of philosophy, feminist philosophy, and applied ethics.

In moral psychology I am constructing a theory of moral deliberation as dialogic activity. This project synthesizes my previous work on the pragmatics of normative language use with empirical research on the phenomenon of inner speech. In social philosophy, my colleague Ralph DiFranco and I are developing an expressive theory of derogation. Our work explains what is derogatory (and morally objectionable) about using slurs and other pejoratives in different conversational contexts. In philosophy of language, I defend the Force Conventionalist theory of speech acts by highlighting its strengths over other approaches. This involves analyzing the pragmatics of under-theorized forms of speech including inner speech, internet speech, political rhetoric, and phatic communication.

I am an affiliated member of the Expression, Communication, and the Origins of Meaning Research Group at the University of Connecticut.

In my spare time I enjoy singing with the parish choir at St. Mary’s on the Highlands. I also occasionally sing medieval and renaissance choral music with the Zephyrus vocal ensemble.